A new day has come.

Join us now to experience the best care for you

& your newborn as you enter a new chapter in life together.

Who We Are.


Bringing the essential to Kidsential. That is our core mission.


We provide an all-in-1 platform that delivers an affordable, instant, and hassle-free service

tailored to your needs as you enter motherhood with your precious newborn.


Don’t know what you need? We’ll show you the way.

Need help with a budget? We have it here.


Kidsential™ aims to bring the best essentials

to both mommy and baby.

Simple. Trusted. Transparent.

We believe in empowering mothers of all backgrounds,

catering to every mum’s needs and budget.

Our Promise

Affordable & Value-for-money

We are committed to working with your budget without cutting corners and service quality.

Top Quality Services

Our services are carefully curated while our professionals are and hand-selected based on their certification and experience in the postnatal-care field.

Quality Assured

We only work with those who have excellent track records, because we aim for consistency in service quality.

Easy Booking

Forget calling receptionists and the waiting times, bookings are now online & instant!

Always Connected

We will help guide you throughout your entire journey, from booking to waiting for your confinement lady. We are available via Whatsapp, call, and even social media!

Personalised & Customisable

Our professionals are ready to help guide you through treatments suited to your needs for a better pre or postnatal-care experience.

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